My Blue Suede Shoes




MY BLUE SUEDE SHOES has been chosen as a MAIN SELECTION of Black Expressions Book Club!

From Publishers Weekly–

“The titular footwear connects these overtly inspiring tales of African-American women recovering from domestic violence in the latest effort from Price-Thompson. Desiree Cooper’s opener, “Breakin’ It Down,” features a pair of blue suede tennis shoes that help TV host “CC” Smart, a Norfolk, Va. single mom, face the consequences of putting her career over the needs of her daughter. In Price-Thompson’s “Brotherly Love,” a social worker gives a pair of slingbacks to an abused teen who has aborted her baby. Stilettos become a good luck charm for an Atlanta TV news anchor accused of trying to kill her husband and his pregnant girlfriend in Stovall’s “Breakin’ Dishes.” And Elizabeth Atkins’s “The Wrong Side of Mr. Right” hits a profound closing note when a pair of old Jamaican wedding slippers inspire a woman to face the reality of her abusive Prince Charming….their accumulated effort makes for a moving collection.”

Greetings readers!

It shouldn’t hurt to be a woman, and as sisters in the great country, it is our collective responsibility to ensure that our daughters and sons know this statement to be absolutely true. Violence and abuse manifest themselves in a myriad of ways, and there isn’t always a raging red flag to alert us that someone we know or love might be in pending danger.

My Blue Suede Shoes seeks to shed light on various forms of abuse in relationships, and to heal these hurts by focusing on the root cause of the abuser’s behavior and having him or her take responsibility for instituting the necessary self-change.

Whether it be child abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse or emotional abuse, domestic violence in any of its many manifestations is simply wrong, and as a people we must acknowledge it when we detect it in our communities, and then take active steps to assist the victims in obtaining the help they need to remove themselves from relationships that cause them harm.

But help mustn’t only be provided for the victims of abuse. Many cases of domestic violence are perpetrated by those who have also been abused themselves. Causing pain to others thus becomes a vicious cycle, one that is difficult to break without intensive intervention and assistance.

In this second volume of Sister4Sister’s Empowerment Series, we not only seek to illustrate various aspects of violence and abuse, we also strive to understand the motives behind the behavior and to find methods of eliminating the abuser’s need to inflict pain on others. It is our hope that the stories we’ve penned for this important volume of fiction are eye-opening and thought provoking in ways that are beneficial to you in your daily life.

So, as you go about your lives, may each of you place an arm of protection around your sisters and brothers in need, while praying for them the same safety, comfort, happiness, and protection that you seek for yourselves. May you be blessed with the utmost peace and balance, and as you navigate the harrowing roads to self-awareness and determination with CC, Zana, Charmaigne, and Monique…please…if you run across a sister who’s in trouble, don’t turn your back on her. Empower her! Be a Sister 4 your Sister. Share a copy of this book, and give her a pair of blue suede shoes!

Peace and balance, Tracy and TaRessa.

One Response to “My Blue Suede Shoes”

  1. correct: no woman should be hurt, mentally, physically, or spiritually when it comes to abuse pressed upon them by, often times, those who are closest to them.

    Bravo to the Sister4Sister collective and their efforts in finding, comfortable, protective shoes for women, so that they can walk tall into the future…..

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