“Regarding Domestic Violence” by Regina Williams

Such a powerful read! Thank you my Sisters for keeping this topic in the forefront. Having been a Domestic Violence Victim Advocate for several years, I have seen the visible and non-visible scars left at the hands of DV. I was always amazed at the stories of these women and men; why some stay, why some choose to leave. Although similar attributes, no two stories were the same. Their pain was their own, their scars were their own, but one thing was certain…..the need for a pair of Blue Suede Shoes was/is universal. We must encourage each other to get help. Protect yourselves, protect your children. There are people and agencies out here to help you navigate through the multitude of options. From Protective orders to shelters to just someone willing to listen until you are ready to make a decision. As alone as you may feel…..you are not alone.

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