Home is where the violence is


The March issue of B.L.A.C. (Black Life, Arts & Culture) Magazine offers a review of My Blue Suede Shoes.

My Blue Suede Shoes might sound like it’s about fashion,” writes reviewer Kalyn Risker, “but this book tackles quite a different topic. It is a collection of four novellas that explore family violence. In each, the introduction of blue shoes marks the beginning of the transformation of the receiver.”

Risker herself is an abuse survivor and activist who founded Detroit’s Sisters Acquiring Financial Empowerment (NewSafeStart.org). And while Risker feels the stories in My Blue Suede Shoes resolve too quickly and sometimes lack the harsh realism that haunts actual abuse victims, she agrees that the book “has the potential to be used to spark engaging discussions about family violence.”

This, of course, is the crux of our Sister4Sister empowerment series. Indeed, we couldn’t have said it better. According to Risker, our fiction will “hopefully lead to solutions and healing for victims, abusers and the community at large.”

To read the whole review, CLICK HERE.

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