TaRessa Stovall Addresses Domestic Violence on Internet Radio

Host Name: Empress Chi, the visionary,architect, and sole founder of the historic 1997 Million Woman March
Show Name: “NU Day Resurrection and Liberation”
Date / Length: 3/19/2011 10:30 PM – 1 hr 48 min


Empress Chi – What inspired you to write about violence and abuse?

TaRessa – We know it is prevalent. All four of us (authors in this anthology) are activists in our communities and could easily agree that it needed to be address. Violence affects everyone in the community – the children in the family and society at large as well. The stories focus on the cycle of abuse that gets embedded in a culture and becomes normal. There’s so much abuse – it seems it’s increasing.

Empress Chi – Did you do research, or write from general observation, or from something you saw in your personal life?

TaRessa – My story was assigned to me by the editor, Tracy Price-Thompson. Tracy said, “TaRessa, I want you to write about a woman who beats her man.” My first thought was, “That doesn’t happen, who cares?” But the writer in me liked the challenge. I hit Google and started learning and talking to people. I learned that female-on-male violence is just as common as the opposite, but it’s not reported. We know that women don’t kill their partners nearly as often, and because of the physical difference, the effects aren’t always as devastating.

My father was a batterer – he didn’t batter our family but he battered the wife that he eventually married. But I was familiar with the vibe of abuse. And he was emotionally and verbally abusive with everybody.

We couldn’t name it back then, but the energy of it was there, and the fallout was there. I made up my mind at a young age that no guy would ever hit me.

And I had two friends growing up who said to me with a straight face that if a guy doesn’t hit you, he doesn’t love you. We argued for years over that. But for them, it was one of the Ten Commandments. It’s a popular concept. That has stayed with me.

In the Chris Brown- Rihanna story – it came out that both of them had been in homes where the women were beaten. It was normal behavior in their families of origin. I think it’s important that when we look at these problems, we look at the root causes.

To hear the complete interview, CLICK HERE.

2 Responses to “TaRessa Stovall Addresses Domestic Violence on Internet Radio”

  1. I realize that women on men domestic violence is not reported as much as vice-versa, but it is as equally devastating. One reason it cannot be determined if the murder of a female spouse was due to female on male abuse occurred because the female is dead and society is predisposed that a man is at fault in such cases. Another reason for devastation is because men are loathe to bring attention to their plight because of the fear of being called “unmanly” and such. Many men shut down, becoming unresponsive and then it goes downhill from there. Female to male abuse, especially among African Americans, is more prevalent than society wants to admit.

    • Marc – You are so right! That’s why our book, “My Blue Suede Shoes,” TaRessa Stovall writes about a woman who is abusive to her boyfriend in “Breakin’ Dishes.” It is definitely a problem that goes under-reported.

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