Such is the motto of Sister4Sister Empower Ourselves, founded by national bestselling author, Tracy Price-Thompson.

S4S is dedicated to providing public service in conjunction with artistic expression. Its literary endeavors are focused on penning stories that are both catalysts for change, and soothing balms for societal issues that plague women throughout the African Diaspora.

The debut title in Tracy Price-Thompson’s S4S Empowerment Series, OTHER PEOPLE’S SKIN, published by Atria Books/Simon & Schuster and co-edited with acclaimed author TaRessa Stovall, explores intra-racial colorism and examines the “skin/hair thang” that exists between Black women.

With stellar contributions from Price-Thompson, Stovall, Desiree Cooper, and Elizabeth Atkins, OTHER PEOPLE’S SKIN stimulates frank dialogue and introspection, and promotes healing and self-love amongst Black women of all shades.

Each of the main characters in OTHER PEOPLE’S SKIN is gifted with a unique and powerful hat that helps them acknowledge and overcome their intra-racial biases. The title story, “Other People’s Skin,” by Tracy Price-Thompson, won a prestigious Zora Neale Hurston/Richard Wright Award for Short Fiction.

The second volume in the Sister4Sister Empowerment Series, MY BLUE SUEDE SHOES, is also a collection of novellas penned by Price-Thompson, Stovall, Cooper, and Atkins. The title goes on sale March 29, 2011, and tackles issues of domestic violence in its many forms.

The riveting stories in MY BLUE SUEDE SHOES illustrate instances of child abuse, sexual abuse, spousal abuse, and emotional abuse. Each main character comes into possession of a very special pair of blue suede shoes, the wearing of which empowers them to walk away from abusive situations.

It is the intent of the authors that their fictitious stories help inspire the masses to stop the silence on domestic violence.

MY BLUE SUEDE SHOES has been chosen as a Main Selection of the Black Expressions Book Club, and will be distributed in the March 2011 mailing.